Dollar Weeds: A Guide

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Dollar weeds are a warm-region aquatic weed. They spread very quickly and can choke out other aquatic plants by robbing the water around them of oxygen, depriving aquatic wildlife as well as plants.

Dollar Weeds Are Common

One of the most common weeds in the U.S., dollars weed is not only an aquatic weed, but also thrive in lawns among St. Augustine grass.

Shiny Leaves

You can easily identify dollar weeds by their round shiny leaves that resemble silver dollars. They are a creeping weed and have small flowers that bloom in July and August.

Dollar Weed Growth

Wherever there is a shady area, you will probably find dollar weed. They will thrive in different soil conditions, shady areas and wet places. Bogs, swamps, lakes, and standing water are all great places for dollar weed to grow.

Dollar Weeds Take Control

If this weed is left to grow, it will quickly spread out and form a strong carpet, choking out any other plants in the area and, in a short period of time, completely take over your lawn or pond.

Get Rid Of Dollar Weed

The best way to rid your lawn of dollar weed is to pull it out by hand before it really starts to take control. Thanks to its small, shallow roots, it will come out easily.

32 - Dollar Weeds.jpg
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