Winter Friendly Plants for Window Boxes

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Window boxes are a great way to show off beautiful plants and flowers for both you and your neighbors to enjoy, but which flowers won't whither away and die in the wintertime? Here are some of the better choices for winter friendly plants to fill up your window boxes.

Autumn Crocus Flowers

One pretty choice for winter window boxes is the autumn crocus flower. It's really a lily, and it can be grown from seeds and blooms in the fall. It has purple, white, bluish or pink blooms on it. It is considered fairly easy to grow and should be planted in August or September if you want it to come up in the fall.


This winter blooming flower has little white blossoms, and the plant grows to about six-inches tall. The flowers are shaped like little bells. It needs plenty of water and will stay alive even if it gets covered over by a layer of snow.


This flower blooms in January, making it a perfect choice for winter window boxes. It blooms with a flower that ranges in color from white to pink. It needs well-drained soil to grow and grows best with a little shade.


This beautiful pink flower also thrives in winter window boxes. It will bloom for several months and needs good drainage. Some other kinds are also available that are white or maroon in color. While these plants are grown mostly for their ornamental flowers, in Japan there is also a special tea that can be made from their leaves.

Boston Ivy

If you prefer greenery to flowers, then the Boston Ivy plant will look great in your winter window boxes. It is very decorative, as it forms little tiny green flower clusters and a small grape-like fruit that birds like to eat. These hardy vines can survive temperatures down to 28 degrees below zero but do better in warmer temperatures. However, they don't do well in low water areas, so be sure to water them regularly.

Virginia Creeper Vine

If you like both greenery and flowers, you may want to consider the Virginia Creeper Vine. This hardy vine will also produce little green clusters of flowers in the fall. It also has little berries on it that are sometimes eaten by birds. This plant could probably be used to fill up a flower box, as it spreads out after being planted.


Another flowering vine that a lot of people are used to seeing in the wintertime is holly. This plant is popular at Christmas because of its tiny red berries and dark green leaves. If you grow it in your window box, you need to have both male and female plants, or it won't grow those beautiful festive red berries. Holly can be grown all over the United States and comes in more than 400 varieties. The berries can also be other colors, such as orange or yellow.

There are many choices besides the few above. Having winter window boxes is a great way to brighten up the dullness of winter and make your home a bright spot in the neighborhood.

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