Taking Care of Potted Mum Plants

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The chrysanthemum or mum is a very popular plant which can be grown successfully indoors our outside in the garden. With the right care and attention it's possible to make potted mums last throughout the winter. It's also possible to take cuttings and grow new mum plants for free.

Planting Mums

It will be easiest if you sew the mums from seed during the spring. You should use high quality potting compost when planting mums indoors. Soil from your garden is only suitable for use outside and should not be used in the house.


It's important to water your potted mums on a regular basis. Water them until the water runs out of the bottom of the pot. You should water the plants every day and make sure that you don't let the soil in the pot become too dry, if it does dry out then this can damage the plant.


Whether you are keeping your potted mums indoors or outside you need to make sure they have plenty of natural light available to them. Artificial light at night can actually damage the plants and upset their natural cycles.

Deadheading Mums

Once the mums have finished flowers and the flowers had died off you should pick them off the plant. Deadheading needs to be done throughout the season however all of the flowers will need to be remvoed by the end of the summer. By picking the dead heads off the plant you can make the plant healthier because it won't produce any seeds.

15 - Mum Plants.jpg

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