Encourage Your Anthurium to Bloom Better Flowers

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The anthurium is a great choice for an indoor house plant. Once other plants have begun to lose their flowers, and begin to whither, the Anthurium will continue to produce blossoms and flowers year round. They will produce red, pink or white flowers that are heart shaped and will last for 8 weeks at a time.

Use Blooming Plant Food

To encourage the constant blooming of the anthurium plant, or the flamingo flower, you should use a plant food that has a high phosphoric acid content. Feed the plant every month to ensure a healthy blooming plant.

Keep in Light and Dry

Anthuriums crave bright light and should be kept near windows during most of the day. However, they do not like to be wet. Make sure the pot has good drainage, and water them only when the soil is dry. Cover with a mist once a week or so, rather than deluging the flowers with water.

Prune Dead Leaves

As the blossoms begin to fade and dry up, immediately remove them from the plant. Prune back some of the new leaves, and let the anthurium focus on new blossoms.

Transplant into Larger Pots

Once the plant begins reduce its blossoms, it needs to be transplanted into a larger pot. Choose a pot that is only a little larger than the previous, and let the roots grow a little more. This will not only encourage the roots to grow, but new blossoms to sprout.

33 - Anthurium.jpg

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