Common Indoor Tropical Plants

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Indoor tropical plants are becoming quite common in homes since they are often much appreciated for their vivid colors. These plants are native to rain forests and so they need to be watered often to remain strong and healthy. Here are some of the best tropical indoor plants which you can easily grow in you rown house.

Croton Plants

The colorful leaves are the most attractive aspect of these plants which are native habitats of the Pacific Islands and Malaysia. Croton plants, however, need a lot of light and a high humidity level while they also need to be continuously wet since they are tropical rainforest plants. Misting these plants once or twice a week will be sufficient.

Dumb Cane

Native to Brazil, dumb canes have become so common in our homes that it is difficult to imagine them growing in their natural habitat. Although they are tropical plants, they can adapt to average humidity and moderate light. An interesting fact about these plants is that they periodically drop their bottom leaves to enforce the top leaves and grow taller. Furthermore, it is strongly recommended to avoid contact with the milky sap of these plants which quite a poisonous one.


In their native habitat, bromeliads can even grow on other tree's branches and so these plants can easily adapt to a wide range of environments. Strangely enough these plants can support drought conditions and they only need to be watered once a week. Bromeliads must never be kept in standing water for a long time and they also need to be planted in a quick-draining soil.

Bird of Paradise

This beautiful plants needs at least four hours of direct sunlight a day and it should have bright light all day. It is also essential to provide a good drainage system to these plants while keeping the soil wet except during the winter period when the plant should be as dry as possible. If you like to grow your plants for seeds, you must be very patient with this plant since it can take from seven to ten years to grow its first flower.

Angel Ivy Ring Topiary

These plants are also known as wire vines and they also need moist soil and a lot of water to grow healthy. Topiary need to be in perfect conditions and so they need to be fertilized every three months and keep winding the new growth around the plant itself. Dry leaves should be removed and every now and then, clean its leaves with some soapy water to remove debris and insects.

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreens must strongly be kept in warm temperatures above 55 degrees F or they will start to develop brown spots on their wonderful silvery green leaves. Moreover if the soil is too wet, they will eventually stop from growing otherwise, if the soil is too dry, their leaves will turn yellowish. Hence, this plant needs a lot of specific care and it's better not to own one if you only have little time available for your plants.

These are just some of the most common tropical indoor plants. A general rule for these plants is to water them weekly and to keep their soil moist while removing any dry foliage. Once flourishing, they should become great natural ornaments to your home.

123 - Bird of Paradise.jpg
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