How to Replace a Bearing in a Disc Harrow

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Basically, a disc harrow is a type of a piece of farm equipment that is used for soil. It will cultivate soil wherever the crops are going to need to be planted. Not only is it used for soil cultivation, but it is also used so that you can chop up any unwanted crop remainders or weeds. It is very large in size and consists of several steel or iron discs that are just slightly concaved. They are arranged in sections that are usually in 2s or 4s. Replacing the bearing in one is not a very difficult thing to do as long as you have the proper tools and knowhow of the equipment that you will be working on.

Materials Needed

  • Bearing Blocks
  • Bearings
  • Side Cuts
  • Wrench 
  • Screwdriver

Step 1 - Remove Deck

The first thing that you are going to have to do is take off the deck of the disc harrow. There are probably going to be multiple cotter pins that you will need to remove using your side cuts so that the deck will slide out completely. You will need this to happen so that you can have access to your blocks. They will be bolted together. 

Step 2 - Blocks

Your bearing blocks are something that you may need to replace while you are working on the disc harrow. Take a look at them to see if they are in very good shape and move them around to see how they move. If you do end up replacing the blocks, it is a good idea for you to be careful whenever you tighten them using your wrench. Do not tighten them too much as you can crack the blocks when you do this. 

Step 3 - Bearings

Once you have the blocks replaced, then you can move on to your bearings. You will need to remove a pulley from its spindle after the deck has been removed. The shaft should come out easily once you have done this. Your bearing should be able to be tapped out easily. You may need to use the handle end of your screwdriver so that you can tap out the bearing easily. Get out your new bearings and put them back into place where the old ones were. This is something that is going to be less expensive and much easier than replacing your entire spindle. 

Step 4 - Considerations

You will find that the best way for you to make working on your disc harrow easy in the future is to take pictures of the pieces that you take off as you take them off. This will allow you to put things back together easily. Make sure that you do everything in order and do not get ahead of yourself. You will find that doing things in the exact same order that you undid them will allow you the ability to remember how to do it much easier the next time around. You are going to be able to find all of the necessary parts for a disc harrow at any auto parts store. 

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