How to Change a Riding Lawn Mower Belt

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A lawn mower can make caring for your grass much easier. Sometimes though, the belt on your lawn mower may need replacing. This guide will show you how to change the belt on a riding lawn mower.

What You'll Need

  • A riding lawn mower
  • A replacement belt

Step 1- Removing the Lawn Mower Deck

The very first thing you will need to do in this process is to remove the lawn mower deck. This is the casing that holds your motor and other various mechanical instruments in place, keeping them safe. Somewhere along the deck, you should find pins that hold it into place. You may also find a release switch similar to the switch you pull to raise the hood on a car. If after trying both of these methods you still can't figure out how to remove the deck, consult the owner's manual that came with your lawn mower. It will tell you exactly how to remove your riding lawn mower's deck for your specific machine.

Step 2- Locating the Belt

The belt should not be too difficult for you to locate. Look for a belt that wraps around a disc shaped pulley. There should be three or four of these discs, some larger than others.

Step 3- Removing the Belt

Before you remove the belt, either take a picture or draw a simple sketch depicting the position of the belt. This will make reassembly easier and help avoid any possible confusion that may result in the belt being put on wrong. Before you take the belt off, you may want to look for the pieces that lock your height adjustment into place. If raising the height will make accessing and changing the belt easier, raise the height level as high as you can. Once this is done,  find a lock or two near the belt system that will unlock the deck. This should be easy since most of the deck is already off of the lawn mower.

Removing these locks should give the belt some slack, making it easy to remove. If you can't find the pieces mentioned, you may need to consult the owner's manual as every model of riding lawn mower is different.

Step 4- Replacing the Belt

Now that there is no belt on your lawn mower, you can replace it with your new one. Using your picture or sketch as a guide, replace the belt the exact same way it was on before you took off the first belt.

Step 5- Replacing the Deck

Tighten up any locks or mechanisms you unlocked or loosened to reach the belt. Once this is done and everything is securely locked, you can put the deck back on your lawn mower. Lock the deck in place and you are done.

52 - Lawnmower Belt.jpg