Paint a Concrete Bird Bath in 6 Steps

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Painting a concrete bird bath is not a hard task to do. Besides enhancing the decorative value of the bird bath, it will also increase its life and durability to a certain extent.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Scrub brush
  • Water
  • Bleach
  • Concrete sealer
  • Masonry primer
  • Paint
  • Exterior sealer
  • Paintbrushes of different sizes
  • Scrub brush

Step 1 - Wash the Bird Bath

If your bird bath is not brand new you have to start by washing it thoroughly before you start painting it. This is crucial for the painting job to be done well. Use soap and water and, if required, apply some bleach too. However, if you use any toxic cleansers make sure to rinse them off thoroughly in order to prevent any negative effects on the birds.

Step 2 - Apply Concrete Sealer

Once the bird bath is clean enough rinse it well and leave it to dry. Afterwards apply some concrete sealer to the outside of the bird bath. Allow it to dry well before proceeding. It is best to read the sealer's particular instructions.  

Step 3 - Coat with Masonry Primer

Afterward apply a coating of masonry primer. Select a type which is oil-based for best results.

Step 4 - Start Painting

Once the background for the painting is done you can start the actual painting job. You may need to apply more than one coat of paint to see good results. Leave the first coating to dry before applying any further paint coatings. Keep an eye on how you paint some designs and patterns that may be found on the bird bath. These may be more intricate and might require you to use a smaller paintbrush. You could even consider stenciling or using different colors, in such a way you would be adding a nice decorative effect to the bird bath and to the garden or area where it is situated. Another important aspect is to make sure not to paint the inside of the bowl where the birds drink as this might be harmful for them, especially if you did not manage to purchase non-toxic paint and sealers.

Step 5 - Apply Some Exterior Sealer

Once you have painted the bird bath you may also wish to reinforce and prolong the life of the paint by applying some exterior sealer as a final touch. This will also make the result more presentable since it will give a shiny finish to the bird bath.

Step 6 - Fill with water

Once the paint has dried well you can fill your bird bath with water and enjoy your project and the birds which visit it.

You should try to purchase sealers and paint which are non-toxic since otherwise there might be a harmful impact on the birds that use the bird bath for drinking or washing. The whole job should not be very time consuming, but you need to make sure that you allow all coatings to receive enough drying time before proceeding from one step onto another.

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