Installing and Using Trellis Netting


Installing and using trellis netting is not difficult at all. If you are looking to set up trellis netting in your yard, here are a few key things that you will want to consider.

Setting Up Trellis Netting

Trellis netting is easy to set up. If you are installing the netting against a brick or metal wall or fence, you can use hooks to attach the netting to. Placing the hooks so that the netting stands how you would like. If you are attaching the netting to wood or a fence that can be easily hammered into or stapled, then you can use one of those methods. You can also attach the netting to PVC poles and attach them to the ground if you want a free standing trellis.

Netting Life

While you are looking for the netting you want to use, you will need to consider how long you are going to keep it up and how long it will last. This is especially important to think about for those who experience winters in there area. Then, you will have to put up the netting and take it down or perhaps leave it up and then replace it for the next season. When kept in good shape and taken care of, the netting for a trellis can last up to about 5 years before having to be replaced. This time frame though will depend on your winter or rain and how severe it is.

Trellis Netting Size

When it comes to the size of the trellis netting, there are a few things that you will want to consider. First, you want to make sure that the trellis netting isn't going all of the way down to the ground. This leaves the plants a little room to grow and expand first and also allows for room for the other plants or flowers that do not need the trellis netting to help them thrive or stand. Then, you will need to think about the size of your plants. Typically the netting will go to about 7 feet or even up to 10 feet. 6 to 8 feet though is the average for a good size trellis.

Reason Behind the Trellis Netting

Trellises have been around for many years. The reason for them is to help the plants and flowers grow and thrive. Many times they cannot stand on their own, especially when they first begin to grow. The trellis also helps to keep the plant growing in the right direction. Another great reason for the trellis is that it helps to increase space when you have several crops. If you keep them growing up and in the right direction, you have room, especially in a smaller space, for other plants to grow and to make the garden bigger and more productive. It also gives off a cool and gardeny look. You can find trellises and netting in all different colors and styles to help make yours unique.