How to Remove a Landscape Stone Wall

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A landscape stone wall is something that can stand for a long time holding back the side of a hill, or as a fence. They can look great over time. However, there will be times when they need to be removed. Removal is not a hard project to do, but one that requires careful attention and lots of manual labor. You must always be watching your surroundings to make sure that the stones do not fall and cause bodily injury. Follow these steps when removing a landscape stone wall.

What You Will Need

  • Sledge Hammer
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Wood Braces

Step One - Start With Ground First

When removing a landscape stone wall you must always be concerned about safety. Stone can fall very easily with little in the way of help. However, if you begin to take remove a wall that is holding back a hill side you may have to worry about more than just the stones.

Start removing the wall by removing some of the pressure behind the wall. Start digging out the top of the soil behind your stone retaining wall. You do not have to remove all of it, but a good portion of it directly behind the wall. This will relieve some of the pressure so there is not as much worry about a cave in.

Step Two - Start At Top

Before you start smashing away at the stone wall, keep in mind that if you take anything off from the bottom that the top will come crashing down. Begin at the top of the stone wall and work down. Hit the stones with a sledge hammer to loosen them up. If they are just setting on top of each other you will simply be able to lift them off. If there is mortar in between the stones, you will need to hit them with the hammer.

Step Three - Stay Above Stones

As you work down the landscape stone wall, make sure you stay above the level of the wall. When you get the bottom of the rows where you can stand on the ground, you can move around the front. Until then, you are better off working from behind, or on the side, to reach the stones.

Step Four - Load Stones into Wheelbarrow

As you remove the stones, you should load them into a wheelbarrow. Once it is full take it away and dump into bin or truck for hauling away. If you are rebuilding wall somewhere else you can cart the stones there for building.

Step Five - Fill In Dirt

Once you have the wall taken care of, you can begin to put the dirt back that you dug out. If you are going to put in another wall, begin preparing the ground for the material you will be using by cleaning out the foundation and making sure it is level.

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