Unusual Herbs to Plant in Your Herb Garden

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An herb garden can offer more than simple herbs and spices. Whether it's for their culinary advantages or medicinal purposes, you can discover a world of new herbs that you never knew existed. The following article outlines some of the most unique, practical herbs available.

Banana Mint

Although it isn't one of the strongest, most durable herbs, Banana Mint, or Mentha Arvensis, is known for its unique aroma, which smells exactly like bananas. It will need a bit of extra attention during the winter, but this unique herb is sure to grab people's attention.


Also known as Origanum, this is a pretty common herb used in cooking. Although it is physically attractive and will add a nice detail to any herb garden, its main use is in cooking meat dishes and salads. This herb is fairly strong and will not require an excessive amount of care.

Basil Thyme

Also know as Acinos Arvensis, this herb tends to take on an aromatic flavor, mixing the scents of Basil and Thyme. A great herb for cooking, the taste comes off a bit more mild than that of either Basil or Thyme. The herb has also been known to aid in digestion, stomach problem, and pain relief for toothaches.

Stevia Sweet Herb

This herb is commonly used as a substitute for sugar and is also known as Stevia Robaudiana. Great for diabetics, this herb is free of calories and is actually sweeter than sucrose. Simply throwing a leaf or two in your coffee or tea will sweeten it just as sugar would.  This is not an herb that thrives well in cold weather, so bring it indoors during the winter.

Red Sage

Also known as Salvi Miltiorrhiza, this herb has been used in China for its medicinal purposes for years. The herb is known to stabilize the heart, lower blood pressure and even improve circulation. It can also be used to fight skin problems, infections and insomnia. It requires well-drained soil, but can grow in both shady and sunny spots.

Lemon Grass

Generally used in Asian and Indian cooking, the herb known as Cymbopogon Citratus is a classic flavoring plant. Its scent is intoxicating and the leaves can be used to make tea or even added to lemonade. Lemon grass is not winter-friendly and should be moved indoors at that time.

This herb is very similar to Lemon Balm. If you enjoy the flavor of lime, consider adding Lime Balm as well.

St. John's Wort

Also known as Hypericum Perforatum, this is both an attractive and practical herb. It is incredibly easy to cultivate and can grow unattended to for long periods of time. This herb is primarily used for its medicinal purposes. It aids in relaxation and helps mostly with nervous problems.

75 - Origanum.jpg

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