Growing Green Beans from Seeds

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Green beans are a delicious and easy vegetable to plant and grow in your own home garden. You need to make sure that you plant the seeds at the appropriate time so that they will be able to grow and thrive sufficiently. They need healthy soil and need to be watered weekly. Sunlight is an important feature that green bean seeds need in order to grow healthy for you to enjoy. It is easy to grow your own green beans from the seeds, you just need to know how to get started.

Step 1-Plant at Appropriate Time

Make sure that you plant your green bean seeds at the right time of the year. Green bean seeds thrive on warm weather, which means they grow better in warmer soil temperatures, so you should never try to plant the seeds when there is still a chance of frost. Make sure you plant your green bean seeds after the last frost and when the soil temperature is approximately 65 degrees.

Step 2-Plant the Seeds in the Sun

When planting your green bean seeds, make sure you plant them in a place where they are able to get a lot of sunlight. Green beans thrive in a warm and sunny climate.

Step 3-Plant the Seeds

Fertilize the soil before you plant the seeds to ensure that you have a healthy crop. Green bean seeds should be planted in soil that is 1 inch deep. They can be planted in rows that are 2-3 feet apart from each other. Make sure that the seeds have enough room apart from each other so they have proper space to grow.

Step 4-Water the Seeds

Keep the seeds watered well, and you should be able to see sprouting within a week of when you planted them. Once the sprouting occurs it is important to remember to keep the soil fertilized and watered. You should water the soil every week to ensure that the soil does not dry out.

Step 5-Use a Fence

Make sure that you place a fence, stakes or a trellis near your green bean plants so that as they grow, they will have something to grow along. Whichever method that you decide to use for the bean sprouts to grow on, make sure that it is at least 6-8 feet high so that the sprouts will have enough room.

Step 5- Harvest

After 60 days, the green bean plants will harvest. The best time to harvest green beans is when they are crisp. Avoid breaking the stems of the green beans when removing the green bean pod. Pick green beans early on so that they do not lose any flavor. Once green beans have been left in the garden for a longer amount of time, they tend to loose their crisp taste. You are now able to enjoy your own fresh and tasty green beans.

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