Growing a Garden for Pet Rabbits

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When it comes to garden pets, rabbits are one of the hot favorites. If you are a skilled gardener and want to reward your pet rabbit with the  freshest, most natural nutrients, growing a "rabbit garden" with the following requirements is advisable.

Grow all Types of "Rabbit Food"

The three main types of food preferred by rabbits are vegetables and fruits, hay, and green leaves. As it is difficult to determine beforehand the exact liking of your rabbit; ensure that your garden provides for all three of them.

Opt for vegetables and fruits with low-sugar content, such as pears, apples, radishes, carrots, and sweet potatoes. However, this category of foodstuffs should constitute only a small part of the rabbit's diet.

Of these, the requirement for grass and hay can be met by planting lawn grasses (allow them to grow tall), kudzu, or green corn stalks.

Finally, the requirement for green leaves can be met for by planting collard greens, dandelions, and lettuce-like plants (except head and iceberg lettuce).

Use of Pesticides

It is vital that you avoid the use of pesticides or herbicides as these could negatively affect the bunnies.

Creating a Mini-Garden

If you do not have a yard big enough to convert into a garden, create a mini-garden by growing your plants in a big tray placed in your window sill or balcony, provided it receives plenty of sun. After your plants are fully grown, allow your rabbit to enjoy the feast!

49 - Rabbits Garden.jpg

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