6 Flower Bed Arrangement Tips

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A properly arranged flower bed can add beauty and value to any home. Follow these general ideas and tips to arrange your flower bed and landscaping in an aesthetically pleasing and functional manner.


Rectangular flower beds can look harsh and boring. Add interest by cutting your flower beds in different shapes, such as kidney-shaped or semi-circular.


Edging flower beds will make them look much neater. Brick, plastic or metal edging will also prevent the shape being spoiled by the edge breaking down or by the invasion of grass from the lawn.

Plant Distribution

If your flower bed can only be seen from one direction, place the plants that grow tallest toward the back. Fill forward with plants that gradually decrease in size to give a nice graded appearance. For flower beds that can be seen from any angle, put the taller growing plants in the middle and fill around with smaller plants to create a pleasing domed effect.


You can achieve some dramatic results by carefully selecting the colors of the flowers and the way they are arranged. Mix and match colors according to the color wheel for better contrast and appeal.

Plant Seasons

If possible, mix plants with different flowering seasons so that there won't be a lack of color during the season.

Weed Control

Create a regular routine so that each flower bed gets weeded at least once a week. This will make the job much easier and not give weeds time to mature and spread.

113 - Flowerbed.jpg

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