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The Plant Station

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1746 W. Northland Ave.

Appleton WI 54914


5 Reviews:

2 stars On Mar 04, 2010: tobydog60 from Omro, WI wrote:

Fairly large garden center. I won't return as I found the attitude of the help upon my checking out (with close to $75 worth of plants) was rude. Not so much as a "hello" or "thank you". I felt like the clerk felt she was doing ME a favor by ALLOWING me to shop in the garden center. Sad....this place could be so much better if they'd at least pretend they're happy you're visiting the place. I'll be shopping at Northside True Value and Stein's from now on -- such helpful and friendly folks there.

2 stars On Oct 03, 2007: jenireed from Appleton, WI wrote:

Prices are high and lately seems they have less and less plants. Have not found them to be friendly what-so-ever, in fact most of the time they are very rude.

3 stars On Jul 04, 2007: Garden4ever from Plymouth, WI wrote:

Nice place. Pretty to visit. Some different things from my area in Sheboygan County, but pricey. Too high. Usually only walk out with a plant or two at most.

3 stars On May 22, 2007: staceysmom from (GayLynn) Appleton, WI wrote:

I can always find a nice little begonia here, not much else though and a bit high priced.

2 stars On Dec 08, 2006: bigcityal from Menasha, WI wrote:

I keep going in to this store thinking I will buys things, but rarely do. They have a selection, but it is years behind on new plants and the prices are high.

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