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Hyams Garden & Accent Store: Garden Center

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870 Folly Road

Charleston SC 29412

(843) 795-4570

6 Reviews:

5 stars On Jul 08, 2013: gardenspot107 from Summerville, SC wrote:

Variety is the spice of life...and the garden! They have an amazing selection of plants, all well labeled. They have a person or more depending in each area of the shop to provide information. There selection of supplies and variety of garden needs were extensive. It is well worth your time to stop by and see the "rooms" of plants! Quite a busy place! Quite a gardener's paradise!

1 star On Oct 05, 2009: Symba7127 wrote:

We purchased $2500 worth of pots and plants for our business. The sales girl was trying to pitch us on her decorating business 'on the side'.....for an additional $60/hour. The delivery guys delivered the wrong pot and were not very professional. Left a mess. Never came back with correct pot. The sales people said the plants are warranted and if anything should happen within 1 year they will replace or fix the problem. This was 6 weeks ago. THE PLANTS WE HAVE ARE NOW DYING AND THEY REFUSED TO HELP. THEY SAID TO WATER IT LESS. WHICH WE HAVE BEEN AND THEY ARE DYING. They will not inspect the problem and assist. They are rude, unprofessional and did not honor purchase promise

1 star On Apr 29, 2009: kats2 wrote:

I recently visited the shop at this nursery to buy some artificial greenery for 2 large planters. The employee who helped me selected several items, and specifically told me that if it was too much for my planters, I could return what I didn't need. I paid for the merchandise ($187.00) by check. Sure enough, there was too much, and one week later, I went to return the unneeded items (4 stems @ $7.95 each). They were not used, still had the tags on, and were still wrapped in the paper they gave them to me with. I had the receipt. The employee at the counter advised me that I could only receive store credit since it is store policy to "never give cash refunds." I did not see this policy posted anywhere in the store; the only reference to it was on the receipt, which I of course received after the items were puchased, and I didn't think about checking since the employee had volunteered that I could bring back anything I didn't need. Now I have a credit to a store that I don't think I ever want to shop at again.

3 stars On Nov 30, 2008: clarke292 wrote:

The Christmas shop is beautiful and there is always plenty of choices for everyone. I think the attitude of the female manager needs definite improvement.

5 stars On Apr 06, 2008: pthomas78 wrote:

Of all the nurseries we have here, Hyams is not to be missed. Since we have plenty of 70degree temps in feb., I am delighted to see the daylilies and hostas early enough to put them right in. It is a great place.

3 stars On Mar 24, 2008: pbk from Charleston, SC wrote:

Always has a beautiful display of plants, pots and fountains. Staff is very helpful. My only complaint is their big box store mentality. Went there in February and they had for sale huge blooming hostas and daylilies...yes in February!! Would expect that from a big box store not from a "knowledgeable" nursery!

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